MUSIC STUFF: REVIEWS: -- Boston drummer who loves psychedelic and heavy music. Some Favorites: YOB, Bison B.C., Konkeror, Kylesa, Baroness, Mastodon, Snailking, Lord Dying, Behemoth, Rotten Sound, Conan & Phantom Glue.
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Sarah Olson

I exaggerate and combine forms — distended tree limbs, distorted insects and birds, intestines, breasts, bellies, feet, genitals— in order to question the origin of every living thing and show the interconnected web and relationship between creatures we consider separate from ourselves. Exploring the fragile and intimate quality of line and the explosive quality of color, I examine how the natural world is constantly being damaged and consumed, as well as how it in turn, is consuming us. My latest work challenges the destructive nature of human assumptions of superiority. It combines features from different life forms, to show inevitable links within earthly existence.



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